About us

We live in a globalized world and, for that reason, it becomes essential for us to adapt through all job market needs, mostly to the IT initiatives.

That’s why we created Move_: to connect IT professionals to companies worldwide. And every company is moved essentially by people. One of our goals is to place every single person at its right spot, especially in Portugal or Estonia.

We chose those two countries based on their trajectory concerning innovation through technology. Estonia is known as the most digital country in the world. So Portugal is one of the best places to be an entrepreneur. Both of them have made efforts to build the best ecosystems for startups in Europe. The government initiatives to attract businesses have been getting major attention from abroad.

With that said, Move_ has a legal expertise support from Martins Castro. Lawyers, Talent Recruiters, Business Consultants, Historians and Genealogists. Together, they offer a 360º solution: from recruiting to relocation, through all legal, contractual and migratory demands, wherever it is at Portugal or Estonia. 

For all companies who already got their talent, but are in need of migration requests, we also offer an exclusive service to help employers to arrange all the documentation to release employees for work legally before starting their functions — and avoiding any delays or constraints.